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Bouray Bday Bash

A BIG ‘ol Bouray Birthday Bash Blowout!

Ayo, ya boi John John’s is having a birthday celebration at Local 31, and ya’ll are invited!

Featuring the one-and-only band with a name no one will remember: The Bouray!

We’ll be bringing along a handful of musical guests, and it’s going to be a hellova jam, fam!

This is going to be a free show, but we’re asking for a suggested donation at the door so that we can get these starving musicians some food! It’s going to be a wild and rockin’ funky fresh musical hoedown!

These guys bust their ass to bring you some kick ass vibes all over the valley, so let’s show them some love!


Saturday, May 06 2023


9:00 pm - 11:55 pm