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Sweet N Juicy

Sweet N’ Juicy – New Year’s Eve Blast!

Sweet is a Banana
N’ is the King of the Pineapples
Juicy’s a Strawberry

They just want you to party.

Prior to being fruit all three members were session musicians for basically their whole lives. Sweet wrote a song with Blondie, N’ played with members of Parliament Funkadelic, and Juicy’s toured internationally. One day they got tired of all the stuffy music business mojo and went out on their own. Since then they’ve played over 700 shows across the Western US, and soon the Southern United States. Do you like to have a good time? Then you’ll like Sweet N’ Juicy.

“The funnest band in America.” – Ryan Woodland (The Refreshments)

“…strangely intoxicating and addictive…” – Ron Hartman, The Chronicle


Sunday, Dec 31 2023


9:00 pm - 11:55 pm



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